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Where I can study Russian Language in Delhi


 You may study Russian Language in Delhi on the following places in Delhi:



 Is Russian Language is difficult?


To learn Russian language is not as much tough as people think about it. This language is quite related to our Sanskrit Language. The grammatical structures, conjugations of verbs, gender system etc. are very  similar to Sanskrit. There are many words which are similar in Russian and Sanskrit. For example:

Sanskrit Russian
vidhva vdava
agni agon
dvar dver
tri tri
dva dva

So it should be your decision whether Russian language is difficult or easy and interesting.




 How can I develop my Russian speaking skills?

 On this site you may find many ways to develop your speaking skills in Russian language. However frequently interaction with native people (Russians) or with your friends knowing Russian language would be the best exercise for same. Click on below links to get some aid for spoken Russian:

Russian Phrases, Idioms, Jokes etc.

Dialogues in Russian

Online Language Games

Click here to get more tips to enhance your level in Russian language.