Enhance Speaking In Russian

Most of the learners dream to speak in Russian as soon as possible. But being in India It's bit difficult to get atmosphere of Russian Language and Culture. But there are certain ways through which you may learn to speak in Russian faster. And that is to create a virtual atmosphere of Russian language and culture. This method may be called as Learning Russian Through Virtual World.

Follow the ways given below to develop your language skills:-

 1. Explore in Russian

2. Communicate in Russian

3. Talk/chat in Russian

4. Virtual Help! Online Dictionaries

5. Type in Russian

 6. Play 'n' Practice in Russian

1. Explore in Russian

Use Google.ru instead of google.com to search any information.

Here you may find many similar words/expressions which you have already seen for many times. For example:

Search in Google - Поиск в Google

I'm feeling lucky - Мне повезёт! etc.


 2. Communicate in Russian

Many people have joined various social networking sites like orkut.com, facebook.com, etc.

If you log in/ sign in on same site with extension .ru instead of com (orkut.ru, facebook.com), it will be a great help for yourself to collect large number of Russian words with entertainment.

Except above there are other made in Russia social networking sites also available which you may join to get many Russian friends. Like odnоklassniki.ruvkontakte.ru, rambler.ru (znakomstva.ru) etc.


3. Talk/chat in Russian

The language develops as much as you talk/chat in that particular language. So try to devote your some time everyday in talking/chatting in Russian preferably with native people i.e. with Russians.

There are various ways to talk/chat in Russian.

One of them is through free software available called Skype.

Download and install on your PC this software through www.skype.com and install it, create an User ID and enjoy free talk/chat in Russian.

But if you go to Cyber cafe for surfing then there is also way to use skype without installing/downloading it. That is go to www.imo.im log in with your Username and password to Skype, gtalk etc.


    4. Virtual Help! Online Dictionaries

While dealing with Russian language you may log on to various online free dictionaries and find out a number of meanings of particular word. An online dictionary quickly solve your problem. It's significance realized at the time of surfing or searching information in Russian on internet.

One can you various online dictionaries. Preferable are as follows:




5. Type in Russian

Typing in speed save our time and efforts. So it is required that while learning Russian language you also pay attention to your typing speed.

Many people think that blind typing in Russian (type in speed like a typist) is difficult to learn in foreign country. Because it's required proper course and practice on typewriter.

But it's not tough to learn blind typing in Russian. You may learn it similarly you learn English typing (If case, you have'nt learned English typing then refer to google.com/English typing lessons).

Make your own lessons and practice daily. (For more details write to me).

Problem of specific Russian keyboard being faced for long time  in India. But here is also a home-made solution.

Log on to images/google.com

search for Russian keyboard

Choose any picture on which there are both letters English as well as Russian.

Take a printout

Paste cello tape/ laminate the printout.

Now after cutting paste it on your keyboard. 

Your Russian keyboard is ready now...! Enjoy typing.


6. Play 'n' Practice in Russian

Learning Russian through games is also an interesting way to learn language quickly. Through virtual world you may play various kind of interesting games on Russian language. By these games your command over language would be increased. For online games on Russian language go to Live Russian Menu