As Swami Vivekananda said, “strength is life, weakness is death”, cultivating physical strength provides a foundation for authentic inner peace, confidence, and focus, which make it a shield against the winds of diseases. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to practice physical exercises regularly to maintain good health, improve overall quality of life, increase life expectancy, reduce risk of injury and improve immunity that may prevent diseases such as corona, which is currently the biggest health issue around the globe. FIT-JNU is an initiative to provide a wholesome fitness routine for its students, teaching and non-teaching fraternity and even for non-JNUites. The program is precisely planned to meet the mental and physical fitness goals of different age groups, people with different medical and physical conditions with bare minimum resources. The classes will be conducted by the personnel associated with the JNU Sports office and Yoga Kendra, who have vast knowledge, experience, and expertise to provide such diverse but wholesome fitness programs. The Office of Dean of Students proposes running this program through online classes freely for the benefit of its students and will be made available for others at a nominal cost.

  • Free for JNU students.
  • Complete wellness program – Harmony of Soul, Body and Mind
  • Mixed Fitness training – Combined package of Yoga, Aerobics, Tabata, High Intensity Interval training (HIIT), High intensity functional training (HIFT), own body weight resistance training, Plyometric training, Flexibility and mobility training,
  • Personalized solutions for individuals to cater to his/her needs.
  • Consultation with Yogic dietitian and Naturopathy experts.
  • Fitness with the comfort of home. Zero chances of missing any sessions due to lack of motivation.
  • Arrangement of webinars and lectures of experts at regular intervals to boost the morale of the participants.


Dr. Rakesh Kumar Yadav,

Assistant director of Physical Education, B.P. ED., M.P.ED, P.HD (Physical Education) From LNIPE Gwalior., Post Graduate diploma in computational statistics


Technical Assistant (Yoga ) - Post Graduate Diploma in Yoga Education , M.A in Yoga , Science of Living and Preksha Meditation , M.phil in Yoga, NET in Yoga.

Dr. Ajay Kumar Shastri,

Technical assistant (yoga), BA, MA, DYed, ND(doctor of naturopathy), P.HD ( From Chaudhry Charansingh university,  Meerut ), Vaidh Ayurveda diploma from Jaipur 

Dr. Rakesh Kumar Yadav

  1. Proper Warming up techniques for different activities.
  2. Aerobic training through various methods such as indoor activities, aerobics, Tabata, High Intensity Interval training, High Intensity functional training.
  3. Strength development through - weight training, own body resistance resistance training, resistance band training, 
  4. Plyometric training
  5. Flexibility and mobility training
  6. Training for injury prevention
  7. Specific fitness for different sports
  8. Agility and reaction time training
  9. Neuromuscular coordination training
  10. Training for weight loss and weight gain
  11. Corrective and rehabilitation exercises for different musculoskeletal injuries injuries
  12. Fitness and wellness exercises for older population
  13. Fitness for children using recreational methods
  14. Technique training for different sports
  15. Fitness testing and body composition analysis


Sh. UmeshBabu

  1. Yoga for weight management
  2. Yoga for prenatal and postnatal 
  3. Yoga for kids 
  4. Yoga for flexibility
  5. Yoga for pain management
  6. Yoga for stomach diseases
  7. Yoga for stress management
  8. Yoga for body cleaning 
  9. Yoga for backache
  10. Yoga for insomnia 
  11. Yoga for Elederly people


Dr. Ajay Kumar Shastri

  1. Naturopathy and Yoga
  2. Water, sun and mud therapy, natural remedies.
  3. Yogasana therapy
  4. Acupressure with yogic massage 
  5. Yoga and its benefits (through asanas)
  6. Sitting postures like padmaasana, sidhaasana, vajrasana etc.
  7. Standing postures like trikonasana ,ardhchakrasana,etc
  8. Pavanmuktasana, uttaanpaadasana, nokasana, bhujangasana, dhanurasana, etc.
  9. Treatment of diseases through yog asana, pranayama, mudra, bandha and meditation.

Plan 1: Weight management & fitness

The module offers a wide range of activities which aim at cardio – respiratory fitness, strength development, flexibility enhancement and weight management. The module also offers the practical implications of naturopathy for weight management and well – being. The program will include a balanced blend of high and low intensity workouts which will promote overall physical fitness.

The activities to be offered under the module are as follows:

Aerobics, Tabata, High Intensity Interval training (HIIT), High intensity functional training (HIFT), own body weight resistance training, Plyometric training, Flexibility and mobility training, Yoga for weight management, Naturopathy for weight management.


Plan 2: TRI-Life - Harmony in Soul, Mind and Body

The module has been prepared keeping in mind the holistic aspects of Yogic practice. The activities offered in the module are aimed at developing a harmonious relationship between the soul, mind and body. The participants in the program will learn the techniques of stress management and also the art of detoxing and cleansing the body through miraculous therapies of Yoga.

The key features of this Module are:

Flexibility and mobility training, Neuromuscular coordination training, Yoga for flexibility, Yoga for stress management, Yoga for detoxing body, Water, sun and mud therapy, natural remedies, mudra , bandha and meditation.


Plan 3: Heal-&-Boost

The ‘Heal and Boost module is designed to focus primarily on the management of problems due to lifestyle disorders, corrective exercises and rehabilitation of injuries and ailments. The participants will be provided with the specific training as per their problem. The module will also offer activities which will enable one to develop resistance against such issues in future.

The Heal and boost module includes following features:

Corrective and rehabilitation exercises, prevention of life-style disease and boosting immune system., Free-hand warm up techniques, Corrective and rehabilitation exercises for different musculoskeletal injuries, Neuromuscular coordination training, Flexibility and mobility training, Yoga for backache, Insomnia, Diabetes, pain management, stress management Pranayam, Acupressure with yogic massage, Agility and reaction time training.


Plan 4: CARE - Wellness program for elderly people (more than 60 years)

The CARE module includes activities for the elderly and has been prepared keeping in mind the age specific requirements. The plan has a blend of features aiming at enhancement of overall wellness and fitness. Management of age related problems taking place due to lack of movement and decrease in physiological functions.

The Plan included following Key features:

Fitness and wellness exercises, Yoga suitable for elderly people, Naturopathy, Yoga for backache, Insomnia, Diabetes and pain management, pranayama, mudra, bandha and meditation



Registration portal will be open soonl. One may choose the package as per his/her requirements.

  • One time Registration fee 150/-
  • Free for JNU students.
  • Rs. 100/- for Teaching/Non-teaching staff and their family members
  • Rs. 500/- per the package for non-JNUites.