JNIAS Fellowship

Three Categories of Fellowships are offered at the JNIAS.

(a) General Fellowships: Fellowships ranging from 2-6 months. Research proposal from all academic disciplines are invited.  Scholars from natural Sciences are especially encouraged to apply.

(b) Distinguished Scholar Fellowship: JNIAS awards short term (less than two months) fellowships to eminent and distinguished scholars whose presence in the campus for even a short period would be of great value to the community. Distinguished Scholars are invited by the Director to the JNIAS.

(c) Thematic Fellowships: Fellowships that enable a small group to undertake interdisciplinary research on a specific theme. The thematic focus for Year 2017-18 is “Emerging India: Opportunities and Challenges”

Applications for Fellows for 2018-19 are open now. Last date to apply for November 2018-March 2019 slot is 1st October,2018. The last date for April 2019 - March 2020 is 1st November 2018.

Please download the application form here.


Guidelines for JNIAS Fellowship:

• Fellowships are open only to scholars from abroad.

• Fellowships are given either for the Monsoon or Winter Semester or for the academic year so that it integrates the Fellows into the academic calendar of the University.

• Fellows cannot have any coterminous affiliation or fellowship at any other institution in India.

• Fellows are expected to reside in the Institute during the tenure of the Fellowship.

• Fellows are expected to participate in the activities of the JNIAS and give one presentation in the institute Colloquium.

• Fellows can interact with faculty and students of JNU through formal or informal lectures/seminars and/or by conducting workshops.

• Fellows, however, have ample time to pursue their own research interests and present their work through regularly held colloquiums.

• Fellows may, if invited, teach part of the course in the various Centers or be part of research projects in the labs of the university.

• Depending on availability of funds, JNIAS may pay for travel and/or a monthly stipend. However, for financial Year 2018-19 most available funds have been exhausted but Accommodation, office facility, department/center attachment etc. are still available.