Patents and Technology transfer to Industry:

The faculty members of the School have close interaction with the Industry providing consultancy to the industry. SBT holds the privilege of being the first University Department of Biotechnology to have transferred several technologies in the area of biotechnology, that are at advanced stages of commercialization with many more in the pipeline.



  • R. Bhatnagar (2001-2002). A Process for the Preparation of Non-Toxic Anthrax Vaccine. Indian patent (1222/Del/2001) accepted.  International PCT application  (PCT/IN2002/00048; WO-03-048390A1, June 12,  2003) published. 
  • R.  Bhatnagar (2001). A process for constitutively preparing anthrax protective antigen. Indian patent (1127/Del/2001) accepted.
  • R.  Bhatnagar (2001). An Anthrax Protective Antigen. Indian patent (1074/Del/2002)  accepted.
  • R.  Bhatnagar (2001). High Level Constitutive Production of Anthrax Protective Antigen. International  PCT application (PCT/IN01/00215; WO-03-040179A1, 15 May 2003) published.
  • R. Bhatnagar  (2005). Transformation of an edible crop with paga Gene of Bacillus Anthracis. Indian patent application (2078/DEL/2005) filed.
  •  R. Bhatnagar (2007, 2008). Insecticidal XnGroEL protein from Xenorhabdus  nematophila Indian Patent (1092/DEL/2007)  and International PCT (PCT/IN2008/000316) applications  filed.
  •  R. Bhatnagar  (2007, 2008). DNA vaccine against Anthrax. Indian patent (2355/DEL/2007) and International PCT (PCT/IN2008/000761) applications  filed.
  • Aparna Dixit (2007). Anti-diabetic recombinant protein. Indian patent and International PCT applications  filed.
  • Aparna Dixit (2007). Recombinant vaccine against Aeromonas hydrophila. Indian Patent application filed.
  • R. Bhatnagar (2008). An immunodominant B cell epitope based protein vaccine against Anthrax. Indian Patent application (2947/DEL/2008) filed.
  • R. Bhatnagar (2008). A pharmaceutical composition of vaccine against Rabies…..its preparation thereof. Indian Patent (1449/DEL/2008) and International PCT (PCT/IN2008/000578) applications filed.  
  • K. J. Mukherjee (2006). A process for getting high yields of xylanases (patent application filed).
  • K.J. Mukherjee (1999). A process for getting high yields of streptokinase.
  • K.J. Mukherjee (2002). Process technology for production of human alpha interferon in E.coli Application No. 212080 (1276/Del/2002) Indian Patent Accepted.
  • Santosh K. Kar, (2006). Method for Identification and/or Diagnosis of REM Sleep Loss from Blood Samples. Indian Patent. Date of Issue: 24 Oct 2006.
  • Patent No.7125724.


Transfer of Technologies:

Technology for recombinant vaccine against anthrax has been transferred to Panacea  Biotech, New Delhi (Rakesh Bhatnagar).

Technology for “Streptokinase production” has been transferred to Shanta Biotechnics Pvt. Ltd. Hyderabad. The product has been launched in the market in 2004 (K.J. Mukherjee).

Technology for “alpha interferon production” transferred to Ms Shasun Chemicals Chennai. (K.J. Mukherjee).

Technology for Xylanases production transferred to BCIL for licensing to industry (K.J. Mukherjee).

Technology for recombinant human GM-CSF and other therapeutic proteins to be transferred to Indo-Bioactive Pvt. Ltd., Pune (in process)  (K.J. Mukherjee).