Audio Material

Oral History

1. Interview with the leaders of the DTC Workers's Union.
by :- Uma Katju and Kanika Singh 

2. Interview with an activist of the Railway Labour Strikes of the 1970.
by :- Naina Manjrekar

3. Interviews with domestic workers in Delhi.
by :- Meenakshi Jha

4. Interview with a Construction worker in Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi.
by :- Robert Balogh and Gaurav C. Garg

5. Labour Movement in the Delhi- Gurgaon Region, Interviews.
by :- Akash Bhattacharya and Sumati Panikkar

6. "Domestic workers" union in Delhi.
by :- Divya and Lokesh

7. Interviews with Ms Pramila Loomba, and Prof. Randhir Singh : Leaders of Left 

by :- Anshu Saluja and Meena Deswal

8. "Free Tibet movement".
by :- Sourav Kumar Mahanta
       (1) Spalgon, 27th Feb, 2012.
       (2) Spalgon, 2nd March, 2012.