Dr. Subhrangsu Sundar Maitra

Dr. Subhrangsu Sundar Maitra
Associate Professor
Ph: +91 11 26704088
Email: ssm2100@mail.jnu.ac.in


B. Ch. E. with honours (Chemical Engineering), Jadavpur University, Calcutta.
M.Tech. (Biotechnology), Jadavpur University, Calcutta.
Ph.D. (Biotechnology), Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi.


1990- :  Assistant Professor, School of Biotechnology, JNU, New Delhi.
2007- :  Associate Professor, School of Biotechnology, JNU, New Delhi.

Area of Interest:

  • Optimization of Bioprocesses ,Downstream Processing, Computer assisted bio-process design and bio-process development
  • Metagenomics

Summary of Research:  

My research mainly targets at applying mathematical modeling and simulation techniques to the problems of fermentation technology; specially those related to antibiotic fermentation and anaerobic digestion. I look at the engineering and business aspects of modern biotechnological product and processes through simulations, which saves lot of money involved in gradual scale –up . Nowadays, I am working in the area of meta-genomics and molecular ecology. Meta-genomics is the science which tries to identify/discover yet non-identified environmental/complex systems bacteria and archaea using molecular biology tools without having to actually isolating them or establish the identity when a pure culture is established. We have isolated a few bacterial species capable of degrading environmentally polluting plasticizer phthalic acid and its esters and some interesting methanotrophs which can be used in bio gas to liquid fuel ( Bio-GTL) processes.

 Honors/ Awards: 

  • Certificate of Merit from Institution of Engineers for a paper in 2002.
  • Borsa di studi from External affairs ministry of Italian government.
  • Life member Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers, Raja Subodh Mullick Road
  • Fellow of the Institution of the Engineers (India) , Gokhale Road

Selected Publications:

Full description at Reseachgate : DrSubhrangsuMaitra

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