UGC - Human Resource Development Centre 

The Human Resource Development Centre (formerly Academic Staff College), JNU is India's premier institution for the up-gradation of knowledge and skills of college and university teachers. . Drawing upon the faculty of JNU as well as other prestigious institutions in and around Delhi, the HRDC, JNU brings to its participants the cream of Indian scholarship as resource faculty. 
The following main target groups have been identified for capacity building, knowledge enhancement and similar other programmes with the objective of a holistic approach focused on transformation of our institutions of higher education to a more facilitating academic environment conducive to innovations, creativity and quality advanced learning and research. 

► Faculty members in institutions of higher learning engaged in teaching and research
► Teacher Educators
► Key non-academic functionaries in institutions of higher learning for better governance and to facilitate efficient use of various fast growing ICT resources and applications
► Research scholars 


Best Practices & Reforms Undertaken

►  Yoga classes (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday) from 7 to 8 am.

►  Thorough screening/short-listing procedure for large number of applications by Screening Committee, for equal representation from every State, reaching different segments of the society and deserving individuals

►  Dynamic and innovative administration with collective decision making .








► Notice:The 11th Academic Administrators' Workshop has been Postponed

► Please note the new official E-mail of HRDC JNU as:

► Applications are invited through ONLINE MODE only for the courses to be held during the year 2020 - 2021 at HRDC, JNU.