Director Message

Jawaharlal Nehru Institute of Advanced Study (JNIAS), situated on the foothills of the Aravali range, is an integral part of JNU. Part of the vast and beautiful campus, JNIAS provides a pleasant environment and intellectual fellowship for research and other scholarly pursuits.


JNIAS aims to provide an enriching experience for both the visiting scholars and the JNU faculty and students by being a hub for academic interaction between Fellows of the institute and JNU academic community as also with Indian academy at large.


To this end, while JNIAS will offer all facilities to Fellows to carry on their own research and writing in a peaceful self-contained environment, it also encourages interaction with various Schools and Centres of the university and the larger academic community and provides seminar and conference space for the exploration of specific issues that interest the Fellows. Needless to say, interaction between the Fellows is also facilitated through talks and seminars.


JNIAS has established itself over the last decade as an institute of excellence and selects its Fellows with care so that they and their research can benefit from the time spent here and JNU too can be enriched by the experience.


As the Director, I welcome applications from all parts of the world from academics belonging to any discipline, and assure selected Fellows of all possible cooperation to make your stay at JNIAS profitable.


Prof Ajay Kumar Dubey