North East India Studies Programme (NEISP) admits students in the M.Phil/Ph.D Programme and the Direct Ph.D. Programme. The M.Phil/Ph.D Programme comprises of inter-disciplinary courses of Understanding North East India and Research Methodology. M.Phil./Ph.D Optional Courses cover themes such as Frontiers and Borderlands, Connected Histories, Resistance Studies, Tribe and Ethnicity, Development Studies, Cultural Histories, Religion and Society, and Print Culture. The Direct PhD Programme is inter-disciplinary in nature. Students from different disciplines working on various areas of research on North East India and its neighbouring areas are encouraged to apply. The details of the admission process are available in the JNU website and prospectus. Apart from the above mentioned Programmes, NEISP also offers BA Optional Courses and MA Optional Courses. The BA and MA Optional Courses cover areas such as History, Religion, Politics and Development, Culture, and Society.

Some of the current research interests of the NEISP faculty includes social and cultural philosophy, ethnicity and identity, political anthropology of state and society, and development schemes; history of frontiers and borderlands; history of goods and circulation; cultural context of education and culture; identity and state formation; frontiers and cultural history, texts and space, resources and cultural practices; development economics, regional and trans-regional economy, geo-economics and geo-politics, conflict and security issues, Northeast region and its neighbourhood.