24 hours of brainstorming …. The hackJNU v1.0!!

First ever hackathon-


The Loop: The Developers club, School of Engineering, JNU, organised its first ever hackathon between January 31 to February 1, 2020. It was a 24 hours long marathon than led to the creation of many wonderful projects that included websites, applications as well gadgets. The range of topics consisted of concepts of today’s technological universe like artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, data sciences, web development, robotics, IoT, blockchain, and others. The participants were successful in combining their idea with technology to create fully functional products that had practical application for mankind as well as feasible business model. Some major designs covered: real time poaching protector, human trafficking preventor, Pothole detection system, Diabetic Retina Detector, IOT enabled irrigation and pest detection system, Blockchain based system for procurement of raw materials, through tendering for industries, Kaksha Anywhere: an online class for slow internet connections, and many more.

Team formation

The executives at Loop started preparations in mid-December. The first set of tasks included team formation and assigning duties. For these, 24 members of the club volunteered. They were assigned responsibilities and were divided into groups based on their interests, aptness and requirements. Then came the planning phase, which included registering the event, reaching out to the sponsors, marketing, advertising, planning facilities for participants, mentors and others. The club contacted many companies and start-ups. In response, we were offered sponsorships in variable forms like t-shirts, schwags and stickers, monetary support too. The team was done with these chores in about a month. Now the things that remained were: selection of venue, choosing events, setting their chronology, food-menu planning, lodging for participants and the mentors. These were put on back burner until there were some idea about the approximate number of entrants. Eventually all the necessary arrangements were made well before the final day.

The D-days

On the morning of January 31st, the stage was set and our team ready. Participants began arriving before 9am. They were handed identity cards from our side and were assigned seats. The show started with words of wisdom from the Dean, then we had sponsors’ talk with entrants and finally, Akshansh Gupta, a notable-alumnus known for his research on Brain Computer Interface delivered his advice. Then started the brainstorming, 50 teams from various parts of country were doing their best to develop entities to showcase their talent as well as to affect mankind. Round 1 of evaluations were done by mentors in evening. After breakfast the next morning, round 2 was held. 10 groups were selected on the basis of the feasibility and usability of their products for final round. Next, the groups presented their product demo and their business model in front of our esteemed judges. From them, best three were selected. The first place went to ……. For creating …………, for development of …………….. second place was awarded to ……… and ……... bagged third place for designing ……………..

Facilities for the contesters

The participants were treated with utmost care. They were supplied with high speed internet for complete duration of events. Soft music was played throughout. The premier facility, food, of best quality was catered sufficiently. Main course was served twice, lunch on the first day and dinner the following night. Snacks and drinks were served sufficiently. For the entertainment of participants, A DJ was also organised in the night, which was co-ordinated by a leading DJ of the city. In order to slumber-guard the hackers, a fun filled mid-night quiz was held. It included some nitty witty questions as well as the techno ones. The winners were suitably rewarded with t-shirts and schwags. Our volunteers were available round the clock for vantage for coders. .


Although it was a first-time experience, no stones were left unturned. And in turn, we were reciprocated with immense love and admiration from the visitor’s side. Here are some glimpses of the affection shown to us by them. We now are looking forward to next edition of hackJNU. With all the lessons learnt and experience gained, we are greatly optimistic of making it a grand success.