Welcome to the Centre for Political Studies Computer and Technology Lab. Our student's needs are growing. The world of technology and communications is growing faster. It is our goal to help students to develop essential skills needed to use today's latest technology tools to create, edit, share and publish effectively.


The Social Sciences in general and the discipline of political science in particular have witnessed evolution of various research methods and techniques in the last four decades. Besides, political scientists in India have been engaged in observing increasing magnitude of political activities across the country. Such activities have opened up plethora of research questions and possibility of diverse answers. In order to work on these research questions by using the emerging research techniques and methods, a separate space with modern computer technology can be extremely helpful. Keeping this requirement in mind the centre has established a lab in the centre from January 2014. The objectives of the laboratory are:




  1. To work with the data available (or to be generated) in the centre by research scholars during their M.Phil and PhD. work;

  2. How to make use of various software programs (especially STATA and SPSS) in the research;

  3. To make researchers work with various data-sets available online (such as government of India data set, UNDP data set, world bank's data bank, RBI data and so on)

  4. To work on various ongoing political events (to generate centre's own data set) including issues of governance across the states in India and other issues of public policy;

  5. To work on elections at various levels and try to map the factors which has or likely to have an impact on the electoral outcomes.

The lab will primarily be a work station for researchers of the centre. However, prior to joining the lab the students have to attend few sessions with the coordinators. Soon we will be coming up with a requirement for volunteers. We will be inviting faculties from our centre as well as from other centres to interact with the students on how to work in the lab and use various methods and software.


In addition to this the lab is also expected to be a platform for organizing interactions with the university community and experts from different areas. The objective of these interactions is to know opinions of people from different sections on various political issues. The faculty and the students of the centre will be able to use the records of these interactions in their research projects.