Current Programmes and Courses 

GAE offers Direct PhD research programme along with relevant courses in research methodologies (both quantitative and qualitative) and related coursework in an interdisciplinary and multi-disciplinary context of disciplines like political science, economics, sociology, education, anthropology, adult education, lifelong learning and development education, etc. Apart from offering Direct PhD programme, the GAE currently offers four optional credit courses for the students at the Taught Masters' and M.Phil. levels. They are:

  • Adult Education in India (Course No. AE 401, Instructor – Prof. S.Y. Shah)
  • Development Education (Course No. AE 402, Instructor – Dr. Ajay Kumar)
  • Citizenship Education and Globalization: Cotemporary Issues & Perspectives (Course No. AE 301, Instructor – Dr. Ajay Kumar)
  • Lifelong Learning and Development (Course No. 601, Instructor – Prof. S.K. Kejariwal & Dr. T Dora Babu)
  • Research Methodology in Adult Education (Course No. 602, Instructor – Dr. T Dora Babu)

The course-works at the GAE are tailor-made to address both basic academic research and applied community engagements.