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Welcome to the INRU© ( or This site is developed to promote learning Russian Language as well as strengthening the friendship between India & Russia. On this site one can get information about the latest news related to Russian Language, Culture, Literature & History.

The special attraction of this site is Live Russian: Play & Learn section in which one can get a huge number of Russian language learning aid. The section "Learn Russian in tables" will ease the complex case structure and thier endings.

The Student's Zone section provides Russian language learning aids such as PowerPoint presentations and other study material.

"Russian through Culture showcases some of the cultural aspects of Russia in songs, literature, presentations, etc.

If you are traveling to Russia for first time, then you may get some useful tips in sections "Updates:Indo-Russia Relations" and "Testimonies:Visit to Russia".The testimonies are given students, teachers, experts etc.

The page "Virtual Tour to Russia" will give you a view of Russian cities, monuments, etc. One can experience the realtime view of Moscow State University through live camera.

There are various other useful links and pages, which will entertain you and help in developing your Russian language skills. If you have any question/query, feel free to write at "Ask Question".

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