IPM Invitation For Patents

Invitation to file Patents by Faculty/ Researchers

Dear colleagues & friends,

The Intellectual Property Management Cell in JNU has been set up with a view to disseminate information and spread awareness about IPR related issues such as patents, copyrights etc.  One of the endeavors of IPM Cell is to encourage/ assist the faculty members/researchers in effective protection of their intellectual property.  Therefore, all those faculty members/ researchers who wish to submit their inventions/ designs and publications for patents and copyrights respectively, may apply to the IPM Cell at the below mentioned address.

IPM Cell 
Room No: 117 
Administration block (JNU) 
E-Mail: ipmcell@mail.jnu.ac.in

How to submit proposals for Patents?

The proposal must be accompanied by a brief write up about the invention, its application and some brief features regarding its novelty etc. The inventors can submit provisional specifications at first stage and complete specifications may be submitted later. The inventors are requested not to give too much details of their invention in the preliminary information report.

To file Copyright

The proposal must be accompanied inter alia, with the following information

Whether the work is published or unpublished. 
If the work is published then whether it was first published in India or outside India. 
In case of unpublished work whether the author is on the date of making of work, citizen of India or domiciled in India. 
Whether the work is the genuine abridgement/adaptation of the original literary work. 
Whether the literary work is “collective work” 
Whether it’s a translation of original literary work. 
Names of all the joint authors should be mentioned. 
For any other information please check the IPM Cell section on JNU website.