Centre for Canadian, US & Latin American Studies

Centre for Canadian, US & Latin American Studies (CCUS&LAS)

The Centre for Canadian, US & Latin American Studies (CCUS&LAS), consists of three programmes viz - US, Canadian and Latin American Studies. The centre offers an integrated M.Phil/Ph.D. programme and also offer optional courses for the Masters' Programme of the School. All teaching faculty are engaged in teaching, research, guidance, participation in conferences and seminars both in India and abroad, organizing special lectures, round tables and discussions. The Centre has several activities involving the students: they initiate discussions on their Ph.D. themes with the rest of the Centre and defend their synopses; they also participate in relevant media programmes and assist the faculty in the course work.

The Centre routinely invites specialists, diplomats, media persons, librarians, etc. to interact with students on various themes relevant to the research programmes. The faculty also gives lectures at various government institutions, such as Foreign Services Institute, New Delhi, Army War College, Indore, and Academic Staff Colleges of various other universities in India. In addition, the faculty of the Centre publishes regularly in various journals. The Centre follows a rigorous academic schedule by holding regular classes, tutorials and examinations in order to equip the students in the subject. It maintains a cordial atmosphere by encouraging the students to initiate and take part in discussions and in project related research activities. The Centre encourages students to publish their work according to the rules of the University and guides them in pursuing a fruitful academic career.