Centre for Indo-Pacific Studies:


Time Table Winter Semester 2020

List of courses being offered in Winter Semester 2020


The Centre for Indo-Pacific Studies (CIPS) is a new Centre created in 2013 keeping in view the profound shifts that are taking place around India and India's rapidly rising stakes in the Indian Ocean and East Asia. Equally, it is also a reflection of today’s geopolitical realities. The Indo-Pacific as a region is emerging as the new template of reference since the confluence, interdependence and interface of the Indian and Pacific Oceans are getting strengthened not merely economically but geo-strategically as well. The Indo-Pacific, comprising a vast spatial continuum spread from the Indian Ocean all the way up to West Pacific, including the crucial regions such as Southeast Asia and South Pacific, also brings forth India’s centrality and its relationship with regions in the Indo-Pacific quite distinctly. The primary areas the Centre’s focus are Southeast Asia, the South Pacific and the Indian Ocean. First of its kind anywhere in the world, CIPS’s intent is to break new ground by focusing its research and teaching on new frontiers of knowledge and bring out newer dimensions of a rapidly changing world. The programme is supported by competent and dedicated team of faculty committed to high quality teaching and research. Plans are afoot to expand and develop it into a leading Centre of academic excellence.



The Centre offers courses in all the three programmes of study offered by the School of International Studies at the MA, M.Phil and Ph.D levels. The idea is to draw talented students from the graduate level programme to pursue their interests and engage in research at the M.Phil and Ph.D programmes. Several courses are offered across two MA level programmes at the school – MA (PIS) and MA (IRAS).


Since the establishment of the Centre for Indo-Pacific Studies in 2013 approximately 45-50 students have been awarded M.Phil degrees and approximately 12-14 students have been awarded Ph.D degrees. )