CITD-DAAD Partnership

The Centre for International Trade and Development, School of International Studies partners with Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin (HTW Berlin) on a project funded by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). It aims at improving research, teaching and knowledge transfer in the fields of money, trade and finance. The broad objectives of this agreement is to promote co-operation in teaching, research and consultation, to facilitate the international exchange of ideas and to enhance the scholarly efforts of the participating institutions.

Collaboration has been planned and carried out through the following activities:

• Joint research activities and exchange of academic materials.
• Exchange of students, faculty and staff members
• Joint organization of special academic and non-academic programmes.

CITD coordinator
Dr. Priya Bhagowalia

Given the success of the first phase of the prject (2005-2014), the partnership was continued through a new project that aims at connecting graduate and postgraduate work among nine participating universities in developing countries/emerging markets (Argentina, Brazil, China, India, Mauritius and South Africa) and Germany.

For more information on this project, please visit the DAAD partnership website

DAAD Partnership on Economic Development Studies, HTW Berlin:

Participation of CITD Faculty and Students

Collaboration with partner Universities

2017:  “New paradigm of economic development: Social and environmental dimensions” Annual conference hosted by CITD, JNU

2017: Dr. Priya Bhagowalia at HTW Berlin

Dr. Mandira Sarma at the University of Mauritius

Mr. Gaurav Bhattacharya at the East China Normal University

2018: Dr. Priya Bhagowalia at HTW Berlin

Mr. Vinay Yadav at The University of Buenos Aires

Ms. Arjita Chandna at the The University of Buenos Aires


Senior Fellows at HTW BerlinJunior Fellows at HTW Berlin

2009: Prof. Amit Shovon Ray
2010: Dr. Meeta Keswani Mehra
2011: Dr. Mandira Sarma

2011: Ms. Susmita Mitra
2012: Mr Sabyasachi Saha
2013: Ms Sujata Basu
Meetings/ Workshops

Meeting of institutional partners – Building a Global Partnership, HTW Berlin, April 17-18
- Dr Meeta K. Mehra
Workshop - "Economic Studies on Money, Finance, Trade and Development", HTW Berlin, November 4-6
- Dr Abhijit Sen Gupta

Workshop -"Reforming the Global Financial Order", HTW Berlin, June 9-10
- Dr Abhijit Sen Gupta

Workshop - "Trade Policies in International Comparison", Amman, Jordan, November 2-4 
- Professor Manoj Pant
- Professor Amit Shovon Ray

Workshop -"Perspectives of Emerging Markets", Mauritius, June 12-14
- Mr Amit Sadhukhan

Workshop -"Exchange Rate Regimes in Developing Countries", HTW Berlin, June 18-20
- Dr Mandira Sarma
Workshop – "Development Strategies: Country Studies and International Comparisons", Shanghai, November 12-14
- Prof. Amit Ray
- Dr Aparna Sawhney
- Ms. Anjali Prasad

Workshop on New Developmentalism, at the University of Campinas, Brazil, from September 13-19, 2015

An Empirical Analysis of Rising Wage Inequality in Indian Manufacturing. 
Mr. Priyanta Ghosh, PhD student

Microfinance Competition with Motivated MFIs: Motivated Microlenders, Double Dipping, and Default
Dr. Brishti Guha 


Asset Inequality in India: from bad to worse

Dr. Mandira Sarma



Seminar presentations/ classroom lectures by resident fellows at HTW Berlin

Lectures -"Economics of Trade and Environment: Developing Country Perspectives", Dept of Economics, June 21; "A Perspective on India's Trade Policy in Recent Years", Department of Business, June 30
- Dr Meeta K. Mehra

Seminar on "India at HTW Berlin", June 24
- Ms. Susmita Mitra
- Dr. Mandira Sarma

Seminar on "Rising Powers – A Workshop on China's and India's Economy", June 22
- Mr Sabyasachi Saha 

Contribution to HTW Teaching Material

"India's Development Experience: Policies, Priorities and Performance"
- Professor Amit Shovon Ray

Contribution to HTW's Berlin Working Papers on Money, Trade, Finance and Development (ISSN: 2192-7790)

WP 03/2010 "Management of International Capital Flows: The Indian Experience"
- Dr Abhijit Sen Gupta

WP 02/2012 "Survey of Literature on the Impacts of Inclusion of the Aviation Sector in the European Union Emission Trading Scheme"
- Susmita Mitra

WP 04/2012 "Optimal Public Policy in a Schumpeterian Model of Endogenous Growth with Environmental Pollution"
- Dr Meeta K. Mehra and Sujata Basu

WP 07/2012 "Index of Financial Inclusion – A measure of financial sector inclusiveness"
- Dr. Mandira Sarma

WP 04/2013 "Technology Transfer from Publicly Funded Research in Germany: A Note on Patenting and Licensing Practices 
- Sabyasachi Saha

WP 02/2014 "What Attracts FDI in Indian Manufacturing Industries"
- Rashmi Rastogi and Aparna Sawhney

CITD is a founding member of the Virtual Institute (Vi) of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) that brings together twelve universities from eleven countries.

Participation of CITD Faculty and Students in Vi activities

2005: Professor Manoj Pant (1st UNCTAD Vi Meeting, Geneva, 11-15 July)
Professor Manoj Pant (Workshop on teaching and research: International Investment Agreements, Bangkok, 28 November-2 December)
2006: Dr Sangeeta Bansal (2nd UNCTAD Vi Meeting, Geneva,9-13 October)
2008: Dr Meeta K. Mehra (3rd UNCTAD Vi Meeting, Geneva,4-8 February)
2009: Professor Alokesh Barua (4th UNCTAD Vi Meeting, Geneva, 4-6 May)
Contribution to Teaching

Lecture Series on Trade Theory (for graduate students in Economics), Belarus University, November 4-11
- Professor Alokesh Barua
- Professor Manoj Pant
Contribution to Teaching Material

"Environmental Economics with an International Dimension"
- Dr. Sangeeta Bansal, Dr. Meeta K. Mehra and Dr. Aparna Sawhney (with Dr. Anne Marie Zwerg)
Other Research Contribution

"Regional Trade Integrations: A Comparative Study – The Cases of GAFTA, COMESA and SAPTA/SAFTA" Part D
- Dr. Meeta K. Mehra, Prof. Manoj Pant, Saptarshi Basu Roy Choudhury and Amit Sadhukhan

"International Trade and Carbon Leakage: An Analytical Framework for India and Russia"
- Dr. Meeta K. Mehra, Dr. Aparna Sawhney and Rashmi Rastogi (with Dr. Piskulova Natalia)