The Centre offers the following MA courses for the M.A. in Politics (special reference to International Studies)


Core Courses (for SIS students, but may be opted for as optional courses by students of other Schools)

IS 403 N "Comparative Political Analysis" Course Instructors - Kamal Mitra Chenoy

IS 404 "Indian Political System" Course Instructor - Kamal Mitra Chenoy

IS 401 N Political Thought I: Course Instructors - Nivedita Menon and Mollica Dastider

IS 451 N Political Thought II: Course Instructor – Mohinder Singh  and P.K. Datta


Optional Courses (Monsoon Semester)

IS 531 N Critical Thought in the Global SouthCourse Instructors – Nivedita Menon and P.K. Datta

IS 599 N Political Themes in Comparative Perspective: Indian & Western TraditionsCourse Instructors – Pravesh Kumar