Centre of Japanese Studies (CJS)

Japanese Language was introduced in the Centre of Afro-Asian Languages (CAAL) in School of Language, Literature and Culture Studies in 1973 as a one year certificate course, which was upgraded into full-time five year integrated programme leading to M.A. degree in the next year.  During the Cold War period there was not much interaction between India and Japan, be it in the realm of bilateral economic cooperation, trade or commerce or in the field of technology transfer, industrial cooperation and collaboration.  But by the beginning of 1980's with a sudden improvement in Indo-Japanese relations, especially in the field of bilateral trade and technology transfer a spurt in the demand for Japanese Language experts was created and it has been gradually rising. In 2012, the two countries celebrated the 60th Anniversary of Diplomatic relations between India & Japan and have entered  a new phase of strengthening the strategic and global partnership. It  will give a further spur to the demand for  Japanese Language experts as well as researchers and scholars of Japanese Literature, Culture, Society, Religion etc. These are the areas in which the centre has made a  niche in national as well as international circles. The centre also offers M.Phil/P.hD programme. The M.Phil/P.hD was introduced in the Centre in 2006 replacing the existing Pre-P.hD /P.hD .

The initial centre of CAAL was bifurcated in the mid 1980s and the Centre of East Asian Languages (CEAL) consisting of Chinese, Japanese and Korean, came into existence.  However, CEAL was further bifurcated and the Centre for Japanese and North East Asian Studies (CJNEAS) came into existence, with Japanese, Korean and Mongolian Languages in 1995. Furthermore, CJKNEAS was again bifurcated into two independent Centres, i.e., Centre for Japanese Studies (CJS) and Centre for Korean Studies (CKS) in Executive Council meeting held on 10.5.2013.  The CJS has about 200 students.



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