Centre for Korean Studies (CKS)

The Centre for Korean Studies (CKS) is a unit of School of Language, Literature and Culture Studies (SLL&CS) at JNU. The Centre is one of the biggest academic centres of Korean Language, Literature and Culture Studies in Indian Subcontinent. It offers B.A., M.A., M.Phil and Ph.D. programmes in Korean Language, Literature and Culture Studies. Korean Language was first introduced in the Centre in 1976 as a Pre-Degree Diploma course. It was upgraded into a full-time B.A.(Hons) programme in 1995 and M.A. in 1998. The nomenclature of the Centre was changed from 'Centre for Japanese, and North East Asian Studies' (CJNEAS) to 'Centre for Japanese, Korean and North East Asian Studies' (CJKNEAS) in 2005.The Centre started its M.Phil/Ph.D Programme in July 2013. It became an independent centre –"Centre for Korean Studies (CKS)" in August, 2013. Over the yearsit has grown into one of the largest Centres of the SLL&CS in JNU. The Centre also offers a part-time certificate and diploma courses in Mongolian Language.


Winter Semester 2020 Time-Table

List of courses being offered in Winter Semester 2020