CL - BA Courses

Tool and Optional Courses

Since its inception, the Centre has been offering Optional courses (three credits each) and Tool courses (two or three credits each) in Linguistics and English to the B.A. level students of the five year integrated M.A. programme in foreign languages of the School.

A no. of students from different foreign language Centres have availed of these courses in order to supplement their own language learning activities with theoretical insights and practical applications of modern linguistics. Every semester about 200 students opt for these courses.

Optional Courses in Linguistics

Course No.Title Credits
LE321LIntroduction to Linguistics3
LE323LLinguistics, Language & Literature3
LE324LIntroduction to Phonetics3
LE325LIntroduction to Morphology3
LE326LIntroduction to Contrastive Linguistics3
LE327LLanguage in Society3
LE328LLanguage Learning3
LE337LHistorical and Comparative Linguistics3
LE339LSemantic Theories and Analysis3
LE340LIntroduction to Stylistics3
LE341LReading in Linguistics3
LE343LIntroduction to Sociolinguistics  3
LE344LIntroduction to Computational Linguistics3
LE382LIntroduction to Indian Linguistic Tradition3

Following courses are offered by the Special Centre for Sanskrit Studies which are open to the students of the Centre.

1. Introduction to Computational Linguistics

2. Computational Linguistics Tool Kit