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The awards instituted for the students of the Centre:

  • The Rafael Iruzubieta Award

This award has been instituted by the eminent Spanish lawyer and “Padma Sri” Dr. Rafael Iruzubieta Fernández, consists of a citation and a cash prize, and is given annually to the student securing the highest grade (CGPA) in M.A. Spanish.

  • The Irene Peláez de Iruzubieta Award

This award instituted, by the wife of eminent Spanish lawyer Dr. Rafael Iruzubieta Fernández, Irene Peláez de Iruzubieta, consists of a citation and a cash prize, and is given annually to the student securing the second highest grade (CGPA) in M.A. Spanish.

  • The Juhi Prasad Award

This award instituted in memory of a former student of this Centre by her parents consists of a citation and a cash prize and is given to the girl student securing the highest grade (CGPA) in B.A. Spanish.

Recipients list

Scholarship for Indian Students

There are several international scholarships available for meritorious students under different programmes from:

  • Spain
  • México
  • Perú
  • Colombia

In addition to the above, there are scholarships sponsored by the University and other government and private trusts/institutions for deserving candidates.


Scholarship for International Students

There are many scholarships available for International students. Please contact the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (I.C.C.R.) New Delhi

USA based company Awardbird offers free airline tickets for participating in their scholarship. Please contact them directly for more information.



The faculty members of the Centre (both retired and serving) are recipients of several prestigious international awards and honours for making significant contribution in their respective fields.


Recipient of Award

  • Ms Minu Bakshi – 'Orden de Isabella la Catolica' Spain.
  • Prof. Rajiv Saxena - Honorary Citizen of the City of Davis, California, U.S.A.
  • Prof. Anil K. Dhingra - Condecoración de la Orden de Manuel Amador Guerrero, Panamá.


  • Prof. Rajiv Saxena –
    • Fulbright Senior Scholar, University of California and Harvard University, U.S.A.
    • Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship for conducting research in the University of Nebrija, Spain.
  • Prof. Anil K. Dhingra - University Grants Commission Fellowship for conducting research in the University of Havana, Cuba.
  • Dr. Lipi Biswas Sen –
    • SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship (SSHRC-Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada, Govt. of Canada).
    • University of Toronto Fellowship, Toronto, Canada.


  • Hispanista Scholarship for research in Spain by the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of Spain to:-
    • Prof. Rajiv Saxena
    • Prof. Anil K. Dhingra
    • Prof. Indrani  Mukherjee
  • Erasmus Mundus Scholarship to Spain and the Netherlands to pursue Master Degree Programme to:
    • Mr. Gaurav Kumar
    • Mr. Nabil Ansari
  • Dr. Lipi Biswas Sen – Mary Beatty Scholarship, University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada.



Recipient of Award:

  • Gabriela Mistral Award, Chile 
  • Bernardo O. Higgins Medal , Chile 
  • Pablo Neruda Medal of Honour, Chile.
  • Honoris Causa by Columbia University, Columbia 
  • Honoris Causa by University of Buenos Aires, Argentina