University Science Instrumantation Centre

The Facilities

The  University  Science Instrumentation Center  was  established  in  Jawaharlal  Nehru University in  1979 under the scheme of UGC for  providing in-house  facilities  of  Design / development / fabrication  and maintenance  of sophisticated  scientific  instruments and the  training  of  researchers / teachers and technical staff of the University involved in the technical activities. 


The centre is located  in the School of Computer and Systems Sciences Building with its workshop in the basement of the building.

At present the University Science Instrumentation Centre at JNU has the following basic facilities

Design and Develoement Facility

The centre is having well equiped workshop with the following facilities Since its inception the USIC in JNU has been catering to the needs of the researchers of in-house design/ Development and fabrication of equipment / instruments and attachments for the research laboratories of the university and  Science Schools in particular. The Center has designed  many equipment and instruments for research in all disciplines Few of such instruments designed / fabricated by USIC are Electrophoresis apparatuses and combs 
Power supplies 
Fumigation chambers, 
laminar flow benches 
Animal/Plant sample holders 
Digital Pico-voltmeter 
Radiation Chambers (Optical/Laser/x-rays/Gamma rays) 
Temperature controlled baths and cryostats 
Gas flow position sensitive radiation detectors 
Optical bench components 
Vacuum feed-through manipulators 
Magnetic Bottle for plasma studies 
and many more

  • Mechanical workshop
  • Electronics laboratory
  • Electrical workshop
  • Carpentry workshop
  • and other general tools and workshop facilities
  • Apart from the scientoific jobs as per its mission the USIC has been accepting the challenging tasks which are not executed by  common bodies with in the university. Some of the jobs executed by USIC are shown in the the Picture Gallery  

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