Deo Prakash Vidyarthi


Parallel/Distributed Systems, Cloud Computing, Internet of Things (IoT)

Zahid Raza

Associate Professor

Parallel/Distributed Systems, Grid Computing and Cloud Computing


Parallel Computing is the simultaneous use of multiple compute resources to solve a computational problem. Lately, Parallel computing is being used to model complex problems in numerous areas of Science and Technology such as Atmosphere, Earth, Environment, Bioscience, Biotechnology, Genetics, Geology, Seismology, Chemistry, Molecular Sciences, Circuit Design, Microelectronics, Defence, Weapons, Applied Physics, Fusion, Photonics and several others. As far as the industrial and commercial uses are concerned, the parallel computing has found its worth in web search engines, web based business services, medical imaging and diagnosis, pharmaceutical design, finance and economic modelling etc.

Today, the computing services are considered to be one of the essential services after water and electricity. In case of limited storage and compute, the researchers have clubbed together the resources to come up with distributed computing. Cloud Computing, which is being availed by every smart phone user, is the most useful example of distributed computing in contemporary times. The future generation of Internet of Things (IoT) lies with enabling Fog computing with the existing system. The Parallel and Distributed Systems Group deals with the research work over the cutting edge technologies and eager to tackle ever new challenging problems in this domain of advanced computing.

There are many applications of Parallel Programming like -