CWS screening a film "Velvet Revolution"

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Tuesday, 1 October 2019
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Tuesday, 1 October 2019
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CWS screening a film "Velvet Revolution"
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Invites you to a Film Screening


Velvet Revolution


About the Film:-  In this exciting collaborative film – Velvet Revolution - six women directors take their lens up-close to Women Making News. In a world riven with conflict and dictatorial regimes where journalists are constantly under threat of both, state and non - state actors, what drives these women journalists to do their jobs?


Nupur Basu brief profile :  Nupur Basu is an independent journalist, an award - winning documentary film maker and media educator from India. She is  currently the Managing Trustee of IAWRT (International Association of Women in Radio and Television) Chapter India (2018-2020).

For the last three and a half decades Nupur has worked in both print and television journalism and reported and filmed documentaries from different regions in the world.
Formerly a Senior Editor with India's leading channel- New Delhi Television – (NDTV) Nupur has also made several documentaries produced by the UK based Television Trust for Environment (TVE) which include the award winning Dry Days in Dobbagunta (about the rural women's struggle to ban liquor in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh) Lost Generations (about the impact of globalisation on the poor in India), No Country for Young Girls ? (about India's shameful sex ratio distortion)These documentaries were telecast on BBC World. Another documentary she directed was the 57 minute Michael Jackson Comes to Manikganj (about the impact of satellite television on South Asia which was filmed in Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and India), a bi-media project supported by University of Sussex and Ford Foundation. Nupur was the country director for the India segment on IAWRT's long documentary on climate change - Hands On.
Nupur is the executive producer and project director of Velvet Revolution produced by IAWRT in 2017.

Executive Producer and Director Nupur Basu will be there after the screening for Q and A. 


Date: 1stOctober 2019; Time: 3.00 PM

Venue: Auditorium, SAA