Institutional Grants

  • Grants from the Ford Foundation for the Centre’s academic activities:
    • First Phase: successfully completed 2005.
    • Second Phase: successfully competed 2011.
  • Endowment Grant to fund a Visiting Professorial Fellowship in Law and Governance from the Ford Foundation.
  • Grant from Tata Education Trust for a Specialised Library on Law and Governance.

Individual Faculty Research Grants

  • The Role of Governance in the Resolution of Socioeconomic and Political Conflict in India and Europe (CORE). European Commission - 2011-2013 (Dr Amit Prakash).
  • Princeton University Project on State-Building in the Developing World. (2009-13) Co-Director of Asian hub: Prof. Niraja Gopal Jayal.
  • 6th Round of ICSSR Research Survey and Explorations in Political Science on the Thematic volume titled India and World – 2010-11 (Dr. Amit Prakash).
  • Governance Knowledge Centre for Capacity Building for the Poor with the Department of Administrative Reforms, Govt. of India & DfID (Prof. Amita Singh).
  • Nationwide Survey of Women’s Participation in Panchayati Raj Institutions, sponsored by the Ministry of Panchayati Raj, Government of India. (2007-08)  (Niraja Gopal Jayal).
  • Dialogue on Democracy and Pluralism in South Asia. Ford Foundation (2003-2007) (Prof. Niraja Gopal Jayal).
  • Mapping Indicators of Governance in India. Ford Foundation (2003-2008). (Dr. Amit Prakash).
  • Grant from the British Council to develop academic collaboration with the University of Lancaster (Dr Amit Prakash).
  • Grant from Department of Administrative Reforms, Government of India for research project on  E-Governance Projects and Process of Administrative Reforms (Prof Amita Singh).
  • Grant from Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Government of India for research project on  Telecom Regulations and Consumer Protection: Case Study of Bangalore, Chennai and NCR (Prof Amita Singh & Dr Jaivir Singh).
  • Poverty, Employment and Food Security to Tea Garden Workers in North Bengal, with NALSA and Matri Raksha Sangha of WB (Prof. Amita Singh).
  • Tribal Rights in Jharkhand. UNDP Project (2006) (Dr. Amit Prakash).