SLS Awards, Scholarship & Travel Grant

Prof. Gouri Shankar Singhal Merit Scholarship Award

A sum of Rs. 2,00,000/- was  donated by Prof. Sushila Singhal, wife of  late Prof. G.S. Singhal, School of an Life Sciences  for creation of an  endowment for institution of  “Prof. Gouri Shankar Singhal Merit Scholarship” for an  M.Sc student  who obtained the highest CGPA at the end of the II year.  The award  carries an amount of  Rs.1,000/- per month. The first award was given to  Ms. Shipra Das, M.Sc. student (2006-07) and subsequently to  Ms. Nidhi, M.Sc. student  of  2007-08 batch  of the  School. 

Smt. Jaswant  Kaur  Khurana Merit Award 

A sum of Rs.5,00,000/- was donated by Prof. Jai Kishan Khurana, father of Prof. R. Madhubala,   School of Life  Sciences for creation of an  endowment for institution of  Smt. Jaswant  Kaur  Khurana Merit Award. This is an annual one time award of Rs.15,000/-  to a student obtaining the highest rank at the conclusion of the M.Sc/ M.Phil/Ph.D. Programmes out of the interests earned on the endowment created for the purpose.  The first award  of Rs.15,000/- and a Gold Medal was given to Ms. Bhavana  Sethulakshmi, an M.Phil/Ph.D. student, SLS  who secured the highest CGPA in M.Phil course.

Prof. Ramesha Rao Scholarship and Travel Grant

A sum of Rs.10,00,000/- was donated by Dr. (Mrs.) K. Sudha Rao, wife of  Late Prof. A. Ramesha Rao of the School of Life Sciences for creation of an endowment for   “A. Ramesha Rao Scholarship and Travel Grant” for students securing the highest grade in the Cancer Biology, a discipline in which Professor Rao had specialized and guided students.  The award is for a period of  10 months @ Rs.3,000/- per month  in a year and a travel grant of Rs.30,000/- to  an M.Phil/Ph.D student  for presenting paper in International Conference, Seminar, etc. in the area of Cancer Biology.  This will be effective from  next year 2011 with the interest accrued   on the endowment.