CRS Student Facilities

Hostel Facility

It is important to note that in view of the limited hostel accommodation, the candidates should clearly understand that the grant of admission to a full-time programme of study in the University would not ensure allotment of hostel accommodation. Accommodation will be offered to the eligible applicants subject to availability. Candidates admitted to Part-Time programmes of study are not eligible for hostel accommodation and no request for out of turn allotment of hostel on medical ground will be entertained.

Current Hostel Charges are as follows:

(i) (To be paid at the time of admission to hostel): Payable in Hostel

Admission Fee Rs. 5.00
Hostel Security (refundable) Rs. 50.00
Mess Security (Refundable) Rs.1200.00
Mess Advance (Adjustable) Rs.1500.00

(ii) Annual Charges:

Newspapers Rs. 15.00
Crockery, Utensils etc. Rs. 50.00
Room rent for two semesters
(recoverable in two instalments)
Single Seated Rs. 240.00
Double Seated Rs. 120.00

For Students on MCM Scholarships
Single Seated Rs. 180.00
Double Seated Rs. 90.00
Establishment Charges Rs. 1020.00
(recoverable in two installments of
Rs. 510/- each Semester)

(Note: The Hostel charges are subject to revision from time to time)

· Mess advance of Rs. 1500/- will be payable in the hostel at the time of admission. Actual mess charges will have to be paid by 24th of the following month.

· Students who are admitted to the hostel are required to join the mess. The mess offers simple meals at moderate rates which may vary from time to time depending on the cost of the meals served.

· Hostel residents are expected to observe the rules and regulations prescribed for them as well as all the requirements of corporate life and the social norms that living together demands.

· Failure to observe discipline or violation of rules may make a student liable to disciplinary action which may result in the withdrawal of hostel facilities.

· In case it is found at any later stage that incorrect information has been furnished or some material facts have been concealed, the student is liable to eviction from the hostel besides such other action which the University may deem fit to take against him/ her.

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