CHS Events

Past Events (2014)

12th November 2014, Dr. Harish Naraindas, Vampires,Virtuosos and Victims: Medical Tourism as a Morality Play.

5th November 2014, Dr.Shonaleeka Kaul, Revisiting the Rajatarangini: The Problematic of History in Early Kashmir.

29th October 14, Raziuddin Aquil, Deptt. Of History, Delhi University, Literary and Historical Traditions in Medieval India: Some Historiographical Concerns.

22nd October 2014, Dr.Elizabeth Prevost, Education reform and the neo-traditional design of womanhood in colonial Africa.

15th October 2014, Dr. Amir Ali, CPS/SSS/JNU, Enlightenment Chiaroscuro: Islam at Home in the West.

8th October 2014, Prof. David Vumlallian Zou, The Politics of Translation and Transaction in Colonial Mizoram.

1st October 2014, Pilar Maria Guerrieri, The City of Delhi: Architectural and Urban Elements 1912-1962.

24 September 2014, Dr. G. Arunima, Centre for Women's Studies, JNU , Ways of Reading the Fragmented Jewish Past in Kerala : Archives, Narratives and Questions of Method.

17 September 2014, Dhiraj Kr. Nite, Ambedkar Univ. Delhi, Refashioning the woman self and mining producers and homemakers in South African minefield 1951-2911.

15th Septt.,2014, Nationalism.

10th September 2014, Dr. Pratiksha Baxi CSLG/JNU, Public Secrets of Law: Rape Trials in India.

3rd September 2014, Prof. Biswamoy Pati Deptt. Of History, University of Delhi Delhi, Criminalising the poor or targeting the malady? Exploring the social history of leprosy in colonial India, 1870-1940.

27th August,2014, Cristina Scheibe Wolff & Janine Gomes da Silva, Emotions and gender in the memory of the resistance in the Southern Cone countries & Women's memories and gender relations in the dictatorship of Brazil (1964-1985): past memories, and present political activities.

13th August, 2014, Dr. Anirudh Deshpande, Marathas, Rajputs and Afghans in mid-Eighteeenth Century Indfia: Bhausahebanchi Bukhar and the articulation of Cultural Difference in Pre-colonial India .