CSRD Programme

The Centre offers programmes of postgraduate teaching and research leading to the award of degrees of Master of Arts (M.A.) in Geography, Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Geography, Economics and Population Studies. The Centre also offers teaching at the undergraduate level for students enrolled in Five Year Master's Programme in languages from the School of Language, Literature and Culture Studies.

The Centre is equipped with a conventional Cartographic Laboratory, Computer-aided Data Processing Laboratory, Remote Sensing and GIS Laboratory, Photogrammetry and Digital Mapping Unit, Geomorphology Laboratory, and a large Departmental Library. The Centre has Internet facility available to faculty and students to aid and to facilitate teaching and research.

All the lecture halls, class rooms, the Remote Sensing and GIS Laboratory, and the Moonis Raza Committee Room have been equipped with LCDs and computerised screens. The public address system has been installed in large lecture halls. The Centre has provided space for an air conditioned project room which has the capacity of housing 8-10 project staff/researchers, essentially for Centre's projects.

Shortage of space has always been a matter of concern. The centre has been allocated space in the new building (SSS-Annexe). This is likely to be available soon.