The Centre for the Study of Social Systems


Teaching and research programs of the Centre are organized around studies in theories and methods, on the one hand, and analysis of structures and processes of social systems on the other. The ordinance of our University provides considerable scope for innovation and flexibility with regard to teaching and mode of evaluation. Interdisciplinary orientation is reflected in structure as well as contents of the courses offered at both MA and MPhil levels. Courses at the MA level seek to combine theoretical and methodological concerns with the study of substantive issues related to the Indian society. At the MPhil level, emphasis is laid on the comparative and interdisciplinary perspectives. Both at the MA and MPhil levels, the Centre offers a wide range of optional courses. Of the 16 courses offered to the MA students, 5 are optional. A large number of students from other Centre's and Schools of the University also register for these courses. Similarly, the MPhil students can exercise their choice in selecting 2 courses from a wide range of optional courses available, besides the 2 compulsory courses namely, 'Theoretical Orientations in Sociological Analysis' and 'Methodology of Social Sciences'.

Event Calendar

"The Antinomies of Postcolonial Theory", Professor Vivek Chibber, Departmentof Sociology, New York University, USA, 24 July 2014.

"Teaching Sociology: Explorations in Critical Pedagogy", Workshop for Sociology teachers of Delhi, 14 March 2014.

"State of Injustice: The Indian State and Poverty", Professor John Harriss, Simon Fraser University, 5 February 2014.

Faculty Publications