PhD Programme

PhD Programme

PhD. Candidates conduct original research towards a PhD. dissertation in any one of the three streams of study offered at the School under the supervision of a guide from within the School’s faculty.

The PhD. Programme is designed to support a student through the process of doing original research that contributes to the chosen discipline. 

Successful MPhil. students of the School may graduate to a PhD. programme. However, the School also invites applications for direct admissions to the PhD. programmes at the School.




Only those candidates will be considered for direct admission who have either:


Obtained an MPhil. Degree from a recognized University/Research Institution with a minimum Grade Point Average of 6.00 on a 10 point scale (candidates who have obtained an MPhil. Degree from a University/Institution where the MPhil. dissertation is not graded or grading is not based on a 10 point scale are required to forward a copy of their MPhil. dissertation along with the application form for the purpose of assessment of their credentials).




Possess demonstrable research experience in recognized Universities/ Research Institutions and/or research publication(s) equivalent to the MPhil. level.

The MPhil. Programmes Admission to the MPhil. is through a separate entrance examination for each stream (i) Visual Studies, (ii) Cinema Studies, and (iii) Theatre and Performance Studies followed by a viva voce.