Educational Records Research Unit (ERRU)

The Educational Records Research Unit (ERRU) began when universities were in flux all over the world and when foundation for modern education system was being laid down. Research funding, the relationship of research and teaching and ideas of what fields were of central importance were being debated. After Independence this unit was part of National Archives of India to compile and publish government educational records. With a view to advance research in the history of education in modern India, it was adopted by JNU in 1971.

Since its inception ERRU has identified the history of education in modern and contemporary India as its chief research area for academic discussion. It has tried to support and promote greater academic engagement with the history of education and the challenges it faces, through faculty and student research, publications and conferences.

The objectives of ERRU are:

  • Research and documentation of educational records,
  • Publication of thematic volumes, and
  • Generation of discussion on issues relating to educational developments.

Since 2005, the ERRU has started a special annual lecture series to commemorate the renowned educationist, late J.P. Naik, who played an important role in reviving and situating the programme of the ERRU at the School of Social Sciences in JNU. Many eminent scholars have delivered lectures on the occasion. 

  • Professor Aparna Basu, 2005, 'Perspectives of Women's Education in India'. Professor Krishna Kumar, 2006, 'Metaphors of Reform'.
  • Professor Sabyasachi Bhattacharya, 2007, 'The Coming Crisis in Tertiary Education'.
  • Professor Sukhadeo Thorat, 2008, 'Higher Education in India: Status, Emerging Issues and Approach in the Eleventh Plan'.
  • Professor P. Balaram, 2009, 'Reinventing the Research University in India'.
  • Professor Javeed Alam, 2010, 'On Marginalisation: Oppression and Democracy'.
  • Professor Mirinal Miri, 2011,'Higher Education: Autonomy Responsibility and Challenges'.
  • Professor Ghanshyam Shah, 2012, 'Democracy, Equality and Education'.

The academic staff of the ERRU include:

  • Professor Satya P. Gautam from Centre for Philosophy, School of Social Sciences is the Director of ERRU.
  • Dr. Joseph Bara, Editor, with specialization on the education of the marginalized groups the idea of national education and Christian missionary education; email -
  • Dr. Nandita Khadria, Research Officer, with special interest in agrarian history and the history of technical and women's education; email –
  • Dr. Ch. Radha Gayathri, Research Officer, has been working in the area of History of Education and Medicine with special focus on Women; email –,

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