Monsoon Semester 2017 Time-Table for Certificate Courses : Sanskrit Computational Linguistics and Proficiency in Pali


The Centre for Sanskrit Studies in JNU set up in 2001, has been established to:-


►Negotiate between, and bring together, through interactive projects, the traditional scholars/scholarship and the mainstream university scholars/scholarship

►Undertake maintenance and preservation of heritage texts and mansucripts

►Constitute and expound theoretical framework from the primary intellectual texts of the Sanskrit tradition, and

►Extend and validate the classical theories by applying them both to contemporary Indian reality (modern Indian languages, literatures, etc.) and to contemporary European Languages and literatures (to reverse the existing data-theory relationship between the Indian academy and the Western academy and to recover theory status for the Indian thought),

►Undertake comparative research in Indian and Western traditions of thought in linguistics, literary and cultural theory, philosophy including philosophy of language,metrics and prosody, sociological thought, polity, gender, and ethnic studies and culture.


These objectives are sought to be achieved by training students and researchers through a carefully evolved teaching and research programmes at M.A. and M.Phil./Ph.D. levels.