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Publication on Covid19

Publication on Covid19


Articles (related to covid19 pandemic)


COVID19-19: Inter-disciplinary Public Health Perspectives from Center of Social Medicine and Community Health 


The SARS-CoV-2, a novel virus for the human species that has challenged the world in the year 2020, has created the biggest public health event in the past hundred years. The faculty, students and almuni at CSMCH, JNU are tracking the COVID-19 pandemic, with special focus on India. The first case was detected in the country on the 29th of January 2020.  Once the epidemic escalated in March 2020, the government of India announced a lockdown of economic and social activities to contain the spread of the virus and to buy time to undertake the public health and medical preparations necessary to meet the challenge and minimise the health impact of the new infection. 


As the epidemic unfolds we track: its epidemiology, the various components of response to it including epidemic control strategies, health systems issues, its political economy, politics of knowledge, as well as people’s voices and differential experiences.  Employing an inter-disciplinary public health and health systems perspective, we sift through the debates that are bound to emerge around such an uncertain and evolving phenomenon. 


Some preliminary writings put out in the public domain are listed below along with the links from where they can be accessed. They raise emergent issues as well as argue for what we consider the optimal ways of handling the epidemic, with consideration of the epidemiological, clinical, epidemic control and governance, public communication, economic and humanitarian dimensions.


List of Publications



Sathyamala, C. (2022). The Political Economy of a Global Pandemic, Development and Change, International Journal of Social Studies, The Hague



Priya, Ritu, Co-organiser and Moderator, Strengthening the resilience of India’s plural health system: lessons from COVID-19 crisis. A series of 3 webinars organised collaboratively by the Transdisciplinary Health Sciences and Technology (Bengaluru), Institute of Public Health (Bengaluru) and CSMCH-JNU on 30th Sept. 2020, 18th Nov, 2020, and 9th Feb. 2021.
Priya R. & Dasgupta R. 2021. Covid-19 crisis: Handling the second wave in rural areas. Deccan Herald online. 14th May 2021.     
Dasgupta R. & Priya R. 2021. Acknowledge community transmission of Covid-19: It is necessary for more realistic technical Covid-19 protocols for rural, peri-urban and tribal area.   Deccan Herald 24th May 2021

Sathyamala, C. (2021). Suspend in time we wait, Economic and Political Weekly, Vol. 56, Issue 35


March 6, 2020
Rama Baru

To contain coronavirus, monitor and communicate Science, a functioning public health system, and government support are critical in managing epidemics


March 23, 2020
Rajib Dasgupta

क्यों खास है हमारे लिए यह जंग


March 26, 2020
Sanghmitra S Acharya


March 26, 2020
Ritu Priya, Rajib Dasgupta

The covid-19 crisis: Physical distancing, Social bonding


Sathyamala, C. (2020). COVID-19: A biopolitical odyssey. International Institute of Social Studies (ISS). ISS working papers. General series No. 667


April 1st, 2020
Ritu Priya and V. Sujatha

Will Traditional Indian Medicine Be Allowed to Contribute to the Fight Against COVID-19?


April 3, 2020
Rama V. Baru

India needs a national policy providing for free testing and treatment of COVID-19 patients in private hospital


April 4, 2020
Chris Mary Kurian

How Kerala’s People-Centric Health System Built Over 24 Years Is Paying off now


April 9, 2020
Ragib Dasgupta

बचाव के उपायों से तय होगा भविष्य


April 12, 2020
SreeKumar NC

COVID19 Lockdown: An indefinite Season of No Work


April 14, 2020
Pratyush Singh
Can Bihar Government Handle the Annual AES Outbreak as the COVID 19 Crisis


April 15, 2020
Dr Vikas Bajpai

COVID-19 is showing us the mirror


April 16, 2020
Sanghmitra S Acharya


Sanghmitra S Acharya 


April 16, 2020
Mathew George

Coronavirus outbreak presents chance for India to strengthen public healthcare system, train grassroots health workers to detect epidemics


April 24, 2020
Sreekumar NC

My Quarantine Life


April 29, 2020
Rama Baru and Ramila Bisht

Private hospitals must do more to shoulder the burden of COVID-19 in India


April 29, 2020
Rajib Dasgupta

How COVID-19 is affecting other essential health services | The Hindu In Focus Podcast
The Hindu in Focus Podcast


May 01 2020
Ramila Bisht and Sweta Menon

ASHA Workers Are Indispensable. So Why Are They the Least of Our Concerns?


Rajib Dasgupta
May 4, 2020

A public health expert on the path ahead for India after 40 days of lockdown


May 05, 2020 


May 7, 2020
Rajshree Chanchal and Ajit K Lenka


May 08, 2020
Ramila Bisht, Jyotishmita Sarma and Rajashree Saharia

COVID-19 Lockdown: Guidelines Are Not Enough to Ensure Pregnant Women Receive Care


May 16, 2020
Sanghmitra S Acharya, Mala Mukherjee, Chandrani Dutta


May 17, 2020
Sumanta Roy
Health Sector Reforms: from the history

May 19, 2020
Sanghmitra S Acharya, Sunita Reddy , Nemthianggai Guite


May 21, 2020 


May 22 2020
Manisha S. Meshram and Ramila Bisht


May 25, 2020
Pratyush Singh
Nothing Really New: Stimulus Package for Health Sector So Far Has Been Unimpressive


May26, 2020
Sanghmitra S Acharya
Whither safety gear for frontline cleaners? 'Caste-based' discrimination amidst Covid-19


May 26, 2020
Pratyush Singh
Analysis of stimulus package


May 2020
Sarita Sreekumar NC

Lives of the Disabled in an Era of Cyber Education


May 26, 2020
Sunita Reddy

Discounted Deaths’ and COVID 19: Anthropology of Death and Emotions


May 31, 2020
Ramila Bisht and Sumegha Asthana

Is Maharashtra showing the way for the state to Reclaim it's role in Health care


Vikas Bajpai
Surge in covid cases proves centre-wrong pandemic response marked by-theatrics not science
Webinar: The Pandemic and Public Health Equity
The Uneasy 'Disconsonance': the Medical Profession and Social Reality
Covid Showing us the Mirror
Rajniti: Public Health and WHO
Hysteria over Tablighi Jamaat turns out to be Counterproductive


Anand Krishnan, Rajib Dasgupta
Guest Editors

COVID--19 Special Issue of the Indian Journal of Public Health  
Journal link:  [open access]

Faculty members
Rajib Dasgupta, Anand Krishnan

Science, policy, people, and public health: What Is COVID-19 teaching us?;year=2020;volume=64;issue=6;spage=87;epage=89;aulast=Krishnan 

Rama V Baru
Health systems preparedness during COVID-19 pandemic: China and Indiap.;year=2020;volume=64;issue=6;spage=96;epage=98;aulast=Baru  


Ritu Priya, V Sujatha
AYUSH for COVID-19: Science or Superstition?;year=2020;volume=64;issue=6;spage=105;epage=107;aulast=Priya  


Rajeev Sadanandan

Kerala's response to COVID-19;year=2020;volume=64;issue=6;spage=99;epage=101;aulast=Sadanandan  

Visiting Professor (former)
T Sundararaman

Health systems preparedness for COVID-19 pandemicp.;year=2020;volume=64;issue=6;spage=91;epage=93;aulast=Sundararaman


June 7, 2020
Rajib Dasgupta

In Step with Corona! [Hindi] Dainik Bhaskar


June 26, 2020
Rajib Dasgupta  

Some Efforts Remained in Coordination [Hindi]. Hindustan


27 June 2020
Sonu Pandey

Title-Social Security for Migrant Workers during COVID-19


29 June 2020
Sumanta Roy

Marxists vs Paternalists vs Liberals: Where healthcare stands in India


July, 2020.
Ritu Priya

COVID-19: The Politics of Knowledge, Public Health and the World Order, Geography and You, 20(146), 18-25.

July 7, 2020
Priya Tiwari, Sayan Das, Ujjayinee Aich

How To Tap Community Participation To Defeat COVID-19

10 July 2020
Rajib Dasgupta

A Cognitive Lockdown. Indian Express


July 15, 2020
Sumanta Roy, Debottam Saha

Sex workers are never got their dues from the society.


September 14, 2020 
Sumanta Roy, Debottam Saha

COVID-19, Cyclone Amphan show how sex workers remain at receiving end.


September 17, 2020
Sumanta Roy 
On Healthcare 
October 30, 2020
Sumanta Roy 
Lockdown, Railway Hawkers: Derailed lives 


Ritu Priya, Sanghmitra Acharya, Rama Baru, Vikas Bajpai, Ramila Bisht, Prachinkumar Ghodajkar, Nemthiang Guite, Sunita Reddy. Indian Public Health Associations on COVID-19 The Politics of Knowledge.  Economic & Political Weekly, August 8, 2020, vol lV nos 32 & 33, p/  19-22.
Ritu Priya and Sayan Das. The Blind Spots of Public Health. The India Forum, 25th August, 2020
Ritu Priya, Sanghmitra Acharya, Rama Baru, Vikas Bajpai, Ramila Bisht, Rajib Dasgupta, Prachinkumar Ghodajkar, Nemthiang Guite, Sunita Reddy: Beyond Biomedical and Statistical Approaches in COVID-19: How Shoe-leather Public Health Works. Economic & Political Weekly, October 31, 2020 vol lV no 44,  p. 47-58.

Public health preparedness and responses to the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic in South Asia: a situation and policy analysis:  (it's a full-length research paper).


My struggle with COVID-19 (

A warm welcome to the modified and updated website of the Centre for East Asian Studies. The East Asian region has been at the forefront of several path-breaking changes since 1970s beginning with the redefining the development architecture with its State-led development model besides emerging as a major region in the global politics and a key hub of the sophisticated technologies. The Centre is one of the thirteen Centres of the School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi that provides a holistic understanding of the region.

Initially, established as a Centre for Chinese and Japanese Studies, it subsequently grew to include Korean Studies as well. At present there are eight faculty members in the Centre. Several distinguished faculty who have now retired include the late Prof. Gargi Dutt, Prof. P.A.N. Murthy, Prof. G.P. Deshpande, Dr. Nranarayan Das, Prof. R.R. Krishnan and Prof. K.V. Kesavan. Besides, Dr. Madhu Bhalla served at the Centre in Chinese Studies Programme during 1994-2006. In addition, Ms. Kamlesh Jain and Dr. M. M. Kunju served the Centre as the Documentation Officers in Chinese and Japanese Studies respectively.

The academic curriculum covers both modern and contemporary facets of East Asia as each scholar specializes in an area of his/her interest in the region. The integrated course involves two semesters of classes at the M. Phil programme and a dissertation for the M. Phil and a thesis for Ph. D programme respectively. The central objective is to impart an interdisciplinary knowledge and understanding of history, foreign policy, government and politics, society and culture and political economy of the respective areas. Students can explore new and emerging themes such as East Asian regionalism, the evolving East Asian Community, the rise of China, resurgence of Japan and the prospects for reunification of the Korean peninsula. Additionally, the Centre lays great emphasis on the building of language skills. The background of scholars includes mostly from the social science disciplines; History, Political Science, Economics, Sociology, International Relations and language.

Several students of the centre have been recipients of prestigious research fellowships awarded by Japan Foundation, Mombusho (Ministry of Education, Government of Japan), Saburo Okita Memorial Fellowship, Nippon Foundation, Korea Foundation, Nehru Memorial Fellowship, and Fellowship from the Chinese and Taiwanese Governments. Besides, students from Japan receive fellowship from the Indian Council of Cultural Relations.