Text Adaptation and the Production Process: Tragedy in the Post Colonial Worldh

-  Prof   H.S.Shiva Prakas

The accent of the course is two fold (a) on the writing and re-writings of tragedy and (b) on the staging of such texts in different parts of the post colonial world. Students will first be introduced to the evolution of the concept of tragedy in ancient Greece, medieval and modern Europe and post colonial India and countries of Africa. Problems of rewritings will be discussed with focus on how classics are adopted by modern playwrights like Cocteau, Anoulih, Brecht and Soyinka in response to particular conditions. The focus shifts to stage adaptations of select plays by different playwrights and directors of post independence India which will involve critical reading of texts and viewing of documented material.

Key Readings:

• Albert Camus, “Tragedy” in Essays Lyrical and Critical, Random House, New York, 1968

• Aldous Huxley, “Tragedy and the Whole Truth” in Collected Essays, Harper, New York, 1961

• F.L. Lucas, Tragedy in Relation to Aristotle’s Poetics, Hogarth Press, London, 1927

• Wole Soyinka, Myth, Literature and the African World, Canto, London, 1976