Cultural History of Modern Indian Theatre

-  Prof  Bishnupriya Dutt

The course looks at the problematic of the historical narrative centred around the concept of the colonial theatre and tries to challenge its traditional construction within the modernist, colonial/imperialist and nationalist discourses.

The course broadly covers three areas: Modernity, particularly theatrical modernity within European theatre history and its revolutionary impacts; colonialism and colonial discourse in theatre and popular entertainment ; and writing national (Indian) theatre history.

The course will present examinations of a range of imperial and colonial events and periods, focusing on the unique nexus of theatrical performance as a site for the representation of Imperialism. Subsequently it will explore the paradigm shift from a narration of nationalism and theatre to writing national theatre history and nationalist negotiations as a problematic idea. Like the problems of writing a nationalist history in a historical context, theatre history needs to also look at the challenges posed by issues of nationalist identity and character, within the colonial and post colonial framework and perspectives used at various points of time both in dramatic texts and performance.

The actress, the woman and the issues of nationalism, gender and politics will be given special focus.


Reading list:

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