Living Traditions of Performance

-  Prof H. S. Shiva Prakash

This course intends to lead the student to an in-depth study of a handful of living traditions of performance from across the country in the light of both continuities and breaks between these forms, on the one hand, and canonical treatises, on the other. Different aspects of performances like space, mythico-ritualistic framework and societal contexts will be examined. Also, the survival of these forms in the age of globalization will be addressed critically. Attention will be bestowed on different uses of these forms in contemporary performing arts and politics. The real life situation of the performing people will receive sufficient emphasis in the course. The practicum based on one of the forms will be an optional component of the course. Apart from a general survey, close attention will be paid to the following forms: Yakshagana/bayalata, Purulia Cho Nach, Bhavai and Therikuththu. The classes will involve lectures, brief workshops and viewing of documentations.



• Rangacharya, Adya: Indian Theatre • Natyashastra: an introduction & Natyashastra: translation

• Vatsayan, Kapila: Traditional Theatres of India • Karanth Shivaram: Yakshagana

• Naikar, Basavaraja: Bayalata • Shiva Prakash H S Traditional Theatres

• Goswami, Indira: Ramayana from Ganges to Brahmaputra

• Gargi, Balvant: Theatres of India • Subbanna, KV: Theatre and Community

• Lal, Ananda(ed): Oxford Companion to Indian Theatre • Rasa (vol. 1 &2)

• SangeetNatak No 137 & 137 (September 2000) • Barucha, Rustom: Theatre and the World