Prof Ira Bhaskar and Prof Ranjani Mazumdar

-  Prof Ira Bhaskar and Prof Ranjani Mazumdar

This course is designed to introduce students to the different forms of Indian Cinema from its beginnings to the present with a particular focus on Bombay cinema. As the world's largest producer of films, Indian cinema's existence as a model that could not be destroyed by Hollywood has become something of a legend. Part of the reason for this is the form of popular Indian cinema, which combines song and dance sequences with a melodramatic plot structure. The course will first provide a background to the industrial landscape of Indian cinema as well as trace the specific genres, thematic concerns and the forms of popular cinema. Historically, the course will journey through the silent cinema of the early studio years, the coming of sound, the auteurs and new studios in the post independence period, the consolidation of the star system and the globalization of contemporary cinema. Along with this, the tradition of Indian Art Cinema will be situated to understand the complicated location of the debate between high and low culture in the context of India. Readings will include conceptual and historical writings on different aspects of Indian cinema along with other readings that will provide a background to the historical and political developments of modern South Asia.

Key Readings:

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