Rajput Painting

-  Prof Kavita Singh

This course deals primarily with paintings made for various Rajput courts (from Rajasthan and the Pahari region), mostly in the 18th and 19th centuries. After surveying the oeuvres of some of the major courts, the course will focus on a series of themes, such as the relationship of literature and painting; devotionalism and art; eroticism and the image of woman; rulers and eccentricities; and the history / fiction of individual artists.


Key readings:

• Milo Beach, Mughal and Rajput Painting, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 1993

• Douglas Barrett and Basil Gray, Indian Painting, Skira / Rizzoli, London, 1978

• J P Losty, The Art of the Book in India, British Library, London, 1982 • B N Goswamy and Eberhard Fischer: Pahari Masters, Artibus Asiae, Zurich and Oxford University Press India, 1992

• Anjan Chakravarty Indian Miniature Painting, Roli, New Delhi, 2005