Special Centre for the Study of North East India

Thrust Areas

SCSNEI focuses on areas of study, such as, social change, religion and statecraft, empowerment politics, regional economic growth, livelihood studies, border trade and state policies, global capital and institutions, conflict, peace and security studies, borderland studies, intercultural discourses, aesthetics and performance studies, traditional knowledge, health, bio-diversity, folk medicine, etc. Students and researchers are encouraged not only to conduct in-depth research but also simultaneously develop social commitment to judiciously apply the freshly acquired knowledge.

Acknowledging existent gaps between the people of the region and the rest of the country SCSNEI shall focus on programmes that will also adequately emphasize on cultural connectivity and regional awareness. Developing cultural heritage site is one of the key agenda. New programmes will be developed to enable capacity building and self-sustenance. SCSNEI is committed to develop this Special Centre as a unique institution not only within JNU but also in the entire country – a most vibrant and committed research institute on North East studies.