SC&SS Evaluation

JNU Evaluation & Grading System

JNU follows a semester system. Each course is for the duration of one semester and is assigned a specific number of credits. MCA is a six semester programme where a student has to secure 1 08 credits in all out of which 100 credits is for the course work and 8 credits for the sixth semester project work. The course work is carried out in the first five semesters where each student is required to study five courses (Compulsory & Elective) in each semester. Each course of MCA carries 4 credit points. On the other hand, M. Tech is a four semester programme where a student has to secure 50 credits in all out of which at least 30 credits shall be for course work, 5 credits for seminar and 15 credits for the dissertation work. Each course of M. Tech carries 3 credit points.

The University follows a 9 point letter grading scale for evaluation of students' academic performance in the course during the semester. The grades in each course of the semester are used to compute the Semester Grade Point Average (SGPA). The Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) is calculated for the student up to and including the semester for which it is required using the SGPA. On completing the programme the student is assigned a Final Grade Point Average (FGPA) denoting the final index of a student in the courses. The objective of this system is to provide a measure of the student performance in each course.

The performance of student is evaluated continuously throughout the semester. Besides the end semester examination, the assessment is made in terms of his/her day-to-day performance in the classroom, home assignment, minor tests, presentation, term papers & projects.