CIPOD Courses

Course Requirements

MPhil degree includes both course work and dissertation. The course work must be completed in first two consecutive semesters followed by dissertation within the maximum permissible period of two semesters. The entire MPhil Programme has to be completed in four consecutive semesters. 

The credit requirement for MPhil course work and dissertation is 24 credits with 18 credits for the course work, including Research Methodology, which is compulsory, and 6 credits for the dissertation. 

The MPhil students meeting the eligibility criteria as laid down under the University Ordinances, shall be eligible for registration to the PhD Programme. The synopsis for PhD must be completed and approved by the appropriate Centre and School level committees, within two years of the date of submission of their MPhil dissertation. They may submit their PhD theses for examination after completing four semesters (two years) of registration in the PhD programme. Students may take upto a maximum of eight semesters (four years) for submitting their PhD thesis for examination. Under exceptional circumstances and subject to the approval of the Centre and School level committees, an extension of one year may be granted on a case-to-case basis, as per rules laid down under the JNU Ordinances.

Courses Offered 

The Centre offers a number of courses under its four MPhil/PhD programmes of study. MPhil students are required to take six courses over two semesters, and these courses are specified by the programme of study that students join. It is notable that students are also allowed to choose courses offered by programmes other than the one they are admitted to, as optional course/s. In other words, insularity is something that the Centre deliberately avoids in imparting training to young scholars. 

A list of courses under the different programmes are as below and are offered, as per the timetable

MPhil in International Organization

MPhil in Diplomacy and Disarmament Studies

MPhil in Political Geography


The courses offered by the Centre faculty form the nucleus of the teaching of one-third of the compulsory and core courses (besides several optional courses) offered as a part of the MA programme in international studies at the SIS. Some courses are taught in a collaborative teaching mode with the other faculty member of SIS. Furthermore, CIPOD also offers two courses for undergraduate students of the School of Languages, Literature and Culture Studies.