Ongoing Project:

Title of the Project: Ethics of Globalization: Theoretical and Praxiological Challenges
Sponsored: UPE II, Jawaharlal Nehru University
Duration: 5 years
Principal Investigator: Dr. Bhaskarjit Neog

Title of the Project: "Women in Traditional Worldviews and Institutional Practices: Exploring the Aesthetic and Ethical Discourses in India's Northeast"
In collaboration with Indira Gandhi National Centre for Art (IGNCA), New Delhi.
Nature of the Project: Major
Duration: January 2012 to June 2013 (Extended to December 2013)
Outcome: (i) 04 episode documentary film, (ii) 03 volume monographs
Principal Investigator: Dr. Bhagat Oinam


Past Project:

Title of the Project: Consciousness Indian and Western Perspectives Sankara, Kant, Hegel, Lyotard, Derida and Habermas 
Sponsored by: UGC under JNU UPOE Scheme 
Duration: 2005-2007 
Principal Investigator: Prof. R. P. Singh