PhD in Women’s Studies (contact JNU administration for prospectus and further details).

Direct admission to Ph.D. programme: The Centre welcomes applications in all subjects of Social Sciences & Humanities. Ph.D. scholars will be required to complete course work in the first year after admission. Direct Ph.D. candidates seeking admission to the Programme are required to submit a synopsis of roughly 1000 words on a research theme of their interest, indicating its scope, statement of the problem, methods and a preliminary review of literature.

In addition to the essential qualifications as prescribed by JNU for the direct Ph.D. programme, the candidates should have been awarded M.Phil degree in any area of Social Sciences or at least research experience of 2 years in a reputed institution with research publications of commensurate standard.


Course Work – Students must take 2 courses, which have to be completed within the first two semesters.

Students are required to present regularly at Work-in-Progress seminars.

Students are also expected to participate regularly in the academic activities of CWS.

Guidelines for Ph.D Students:

A minimum of two years registration is required before a Ph.D dissertation can be submitted.

Within two/three semesters of registering for the Ph.D., a synopsis presentation has to be made by the student before the Faculty/Examination Committee.

As per University rules the Ph.D. students have no leave. If the students require leave, they need to inform the Department, the Supervisor and/or the Chairperson before leaving the University. S/he also needs to let the Department know how long the student is going to be away, the reason, and the date of return.

A Ph.D. dissertation should be submitted within four years from the date of admission to the Ph.D. programme.

De-registration – Requirements:

Confirmation of the Synopsis.

If after 4 years in the Ph.D. programme, the candidate fails to submit the thesis then the candidate has to make an application requesting de-registration.

9B/ Re-registration - Requirements:

The students need to inform the supervisor about the progress of their work.

The 9B Committee is constituted by the Chairperson. It will normally have the supervisor, some of the faculty, and at least one or two external members, usually from the University who work in a related area. The supervisor, on behalf of the student, will make a case for a one- year extension to the Committee. This can be done only if the Supervisor is convinced that the student has successfully completed at least 80% of her/his work. However, a recommendation by the Supervisor to the Committee does not imply an automatic granting of 9B, as each case is assessed independently by the Committee.

If the evaluation is satisfactory then 9B/extension is granted.

9B/Re-registration refers to submission of the complete thesis within a year of re-registration.