SC&SS Labs


Common Lab

SC&SS provides modern and sophisticated computing facilities for common use by students.

It maintains general labs, Linux lab, Oracle lab & Microprocessor lab. It has all the paraphernalia to have the making of student to work miracle with cooperation of faculty members. It providers various platforms to work with and inheres in the taste of all manner of working element.

SC&SS provides one to one ratio of student to computer with 24 hours Internet access. The labs are equipped with a Window server, Web Server, Linux Server, Sun Solaris Machines and around 100 windows/Linux based systems. In addition 8085 Microprocessor kits are available.The Servers in the labs are connected to 1 Gbps LAN. The labs also have scanners and network Laser printer in order to provide adequate scanning and printing facilities to students. The labs are also equipped with the latest software's catering to the academic needs of the school.

The computing labs in the school continuously acquire hardware and software in order to keep it up to date with emerging technologies. The labs provide an ambience for students to work in coordination to nurture team spirit and bring out innovative ideas for developing applications.