Language Lab

The language lab complex, though it does have the status of the a centre , it has a great role in making successful of the school's teaching method in very novel way. The innovativeness of the programmes,with specially desighned courses available nowhere else in the country,make the the production of reqisite pedagogical materials imperative, particularly in the case of teaching of languages.

Study materials production ,including the production of audio- visual materials is an important activity among the faculty staff. The language labs of the school with the facilities for audio and video recordings and educational software production are very useful for that purpose.

The language lab complex organizes seminars and workshops and various aspects of educational technology, educational software, production techniques dubbing etc .

The Language Laboratory Complex of the School of Language Literature and Culture Studies is one of the best developed and maintained complexs in India. It houses four Audio Active -Language Labs., five Audio Visual Rooms and an Auditorium with film projection facilities. Besides, the L.LC has a very rich and well stocked Software Library. Teaching and educational material in the form of audio and video cassettes,magnetic tapes, slides, gramplhone records and film strips pertaining to various foreign languages are well preserved. This material is extensively utilized in the foreign language teaching programs in the Language Labs. and Audio Visual Rooms. 

The LLC has excellent educational teaching material production facilities in the form of an Audio studio with duplication facilities of audio and video cassettes, a three Camera Video Studio with attached control room, video editing and color visual aid system.All the Language Labs., Audio and Video Software production equipment etc. have been received as gifts grants from various countries like Japan, Germany, Iran, Russia etc.The peripheral equipments have been locally procured. The entire equipment has been housed in an acoustically treated and centrally air-conditioned Language Labs Complex Building.

The language labs and audio visual rooms are extensively used for teaching and research work from 9 Am to 4 PM on working days. On an average a language lab./AV room/Video Projection room was used for about 30 hours per week. 

During last year, these facilities were used for about 2500 Hrs. Facilities of conference system were also provided to various School, Departments, Centers of the University. Internet facilities were also provided to students and faculty members of the School both at LLC Complex and at SLL&CS premises. 

A large number of visitors from different educational Institutions, universities and embassies like NDA, Khadakvasla, Kendriya Vidyalayas, Public Schools, Japan Foundation, Japan Embassy, Miyagi University Japan and Delhi University etc. visited the LLC. 

The LLC continues to be the examination centre for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test conducted by the Japan Foundation for the students coming from all over India. Max Mullar Bhavan, Delhi also conducts proficiency test in German Language in the LLC.

RESOURCE GENERATION - A sum of Rs. 2400/- (Rupees Two Thousand four hundred only) was earned by way of renting out the facilities available in the Language Lab. Complex.

Prof. Rajiv Saxena is the Coordinator of LLC w.e.f 16th January 2018.