The Damodar Hostel was started in July, 2012. It is situated in the old CRS Building. It has four blocks (A to D). The construction work in A block 2nd Floor is under construction. It is hoped that from the Monsoon Semester (From July, 2016 ) it will be functional. At present near about 100 residents are living in this hostel. The Mess is working in this hostel with 10 workers in both the shifts. Two Mess Managers are running the Mess. In this hostel there is one office. One Section Officer, One Cashier and One Caretaker are working in this hostel. Two Wardens are supervising the hostel. Six Sanitation workers are available in the hostel for cleaning purpose. One Gardener is also working in the hostel.



List of office staff

1. Ms. Pushpa

Office Incharge

2.  Mr. Amit Kumar


3.  Mr. Sanjeev Kumar


List of Mess staff

Jay Narayan

Mess Supervisor on Contract


Mess Supervisor on Contract

Sant Kumar

Cook on Contract
Samahan PrasadCook on Contract
Ananga LayakCook on Contract
Shiv KumarHelper on Contract

Rahul Kumar

Helper on Contract

Dinesh Kumar

Helper on Contract

Vinod Kumar

Helper on Contract

Akhilesh Kumar

Helper on Contract


Helper on Contract

Dindyal Kumar

Helper on Contract

Ravinder YadavHelper on Contract
Raish AgamadHelper on Contract
Rajender YadavHelper on Contract
Nand KumarHelper on Contract
Gopal SinghHelper on Contract
WaseemHelper on Contract
Jag RamHelper on Contract
Susil KumarHelper on Contract
Vinod SinghHelper on Contract

List of sanitation staff

Varun Pandey

Supervisor on Contract 


H.K on Contract


Shri Kishan

H.K on Contract



H.K on Contract



H.K on Contract



H.K on Contract


DeepakH.K on Contract 
KomalH.K on Contract 
SoniH.K on Contract 



  • Senior Warden

Dr. Pijus K Sasmal

  • Mess Warden

Prof. Suneel Kateriya