Programmes of Study 

The Centre has three major programme of studies – M.A./ M.Phil./Ph.D.

M.A. Programme
The Centre for African Studies participates in M.A. Politics (International Relations) Programme offered at the School level. At the M.A. level the basic thrust of the courses is to prepare the students to pursue higher studies in/and research on African affairs.

Courses at M.A. level 
   Africa and the World 
   Government and Politics of Sub-Saharan Africa 
   Political Economy of Sub-Saharan Africa

M.Phil. /Ph.D. Programme

This is an integrated programme. At the M.Phil. level a student is required to put two years out of which the first year is devoted to course work and in the next year the student writes his/ her dissertation under the supervision of a faculty member. After fulfilling the minimum grade requirements at the M.Phil. level the student is enrolled into the Ph.D. programme which is for four years maximum. The entire period under Ph.D. is devoted to thesis writing and research publication.

Admission to the M.Phil. /Ph.D. programme is done through an annual all India level entrance examination and an interview by the Centre faculty. Foreign students can apply directly through their embassies. There is a 15% quota reserved for foreign students. Details regarding the eligibility and the time schedule of the annual entrance examination can be obtained from the university website.

Direct Ph.D. Programme
Apart from the integrated M.Phil./Ph.D. programme, the Centre also admits very limited number of students for its Direct Ph.D. Programme twice a year (July and January). Teachers and Researchers who have published research works equivalent to M.Phil. are eligible to apply. Students admitted to direct Ph.D. are required to do the taught course work for one year (two semesters) before proceeding to work on the thesis. Further information can be obtained from university website.

Courses at M.Phil. Level
    Government and Politics in North Africa 
    Colonial Impact and African Nationalism 
    Africa in the World 
    Development Strategies in Africa 
    Economic Development and Social Change in Africa 
    Political System in Africa 
    Ideologies in Africa 
    Research Methodology